Wedding Anniversary

My own tenth wedding anniversary is imminent, which has got me thinking about tin and aluminium. Metals have featured large in our first ten years - iron (6 years), copper (7 years) and bronze (8 years) and I think we've done each other proud on those (OK, I actually got stuck on iron, which may surprise you, but iron is what Adam and I do, and he's seen most iron things in my world and can make anything he hasn't seen - we have stunning heart sculptures and Welsh love spoons and all kinds of iron things he and I love, but we either made them ourselves or know who made them, so... I bought him a filing cabinet!). Tin and aluminium are a little more challenging, but good fun, and the colourful chocolate foil art of Joanne Tinker springs to mind, and the light, exquisite Butterfly Boards by Salina Somalya. There is also tin in the beautiful glass coasters, bowls and panels by Lara Aldridge and Jon Oakley, and tin is found in bronze, so we have plenty of slightly less obvious artworks with their tin element hidden away. Here is one of Salina's butterfly artworks, on display at the moment - 180mm x 180mm - £160.