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Frogman Show 2017

Fire & Iron Gallery welcomes Tim Cotterill - 'Frogman' - back to the UK for his fourth annual exhibition of bronze frogs. 

Please email for a personal invitation - we would love you to join us, and you can win a bronze frog on the night!

Tim will personally sign every certificate for a frog purchased during the evening, and he will also countersign any frog sold with the word 'Enjoy!'; an extra bonus for our collectors.

We'll be launching Stardust and Sapphire, the stunning blue/purple low edition show frogs exclusive to the UK for 2017, and we will also be unveiling 'Free Spirit' in a special custom patina of which we are very proud - it's gorgeous!

We look forward to seeing you and your guests.

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to Oct 29

Miss Randall's Sewing Birds (Mole Valley Arts Alive 2016)

Oenone Randall has exhibited her copper sculptures at Fire & Iron since the 1990s. A degree in embroidery followed by a master's in metals contributed to Oenone's delightful combinations of lively, delicate textiles with the gorgeous, nutty colours of patinated copper. Inspired by the wildlife living in and around the organically-managed Fire & Iron site, Oenone has created a colourful and stylish flock of native birds for the Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival 2016. 'Sewing Birds' is a deliberate play on words - Oenone is 'sewing birds', and a 'sewing bird' was a sewing aid made popular in the Georgian period; it was a bird-shaped clamp which fixed to a table and firmly held in its beak the cloth that was being stitched.

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Frogman Show at Fire and Iron

We are delighted to welcome back Tim Cotterill ('Frogman') for his annual frog party at Fire & Iron Gallery.

We have a STUNNING huge frog in a rich and vibrant custom patina - he is gorgeous!

And don't miss our 2016 UK Show Frogs Mitch & Meteor (see image) in a really beautiful turquoise and bottle green patina.

Please do join us for a drink and a piece of cake, and your chance to win a frog on the night!

Last year was great fun - don't miss out...

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to Nov 14

Copper Creatures Great and Small

From mice to an elephant, copper sculptor Emily Stone brings her striking metal menagerie to Fire & Iron for autumn. The animals are joined by beautiful leaves and flowers patinated to the glowing, vibrant colours that only copper can offer. All work is for sale.

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Tim Cotterill - FROGMAN

Last year's evening with Tim was great fun, so we're doing it again. You will have another chance to win one of Tim's beautiful patinated bronze frogs, and Tim will sign any frog you buy with a special 'Enjoy!'. We can't wait to see the special show frog for 2015 - last year's 'Amethyst' and 'Allegra' sold out quickly, with their stunning purple patina. Let us know if you would like to come, and do bring guests. 

Tim Cotterill
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to May 30

Mick Maxen

Award-winning Mick Maxen is widely admired as a leading light in the world of 'pattern-welded' steel.

Mick is passionate about surface decoration and patination, and his work is characterised by strong elements of pattern and gorgeous colours. 

Expect impeccable quality and world-class work in this solo show of Mick's beautiful work.

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