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Miss Randall's Sewing Birds (Mole Valley Arts Alive 2016)

Oenone Randall has exhibited her copper sculptures at Fire & Iron since the 1990s. A degree in embroidery followed by a master's in metals contributed to Oenone's delightful combinations of lively, delicate textiles with the gorgeous, nutty colours of patinated copper. Inspired by the wildlife living in and around the organically-managed Fire & Iron site, Oenone has created a colourful and stylish flock of native birds for the Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival 2016. 'Sewing Birds' is a deliberate play on words - Oenone is 'sewing birds', and a 'sewing bird' was a sewing aid made popular in the Georgian period; it was a bird-shaped clamp which fixed to a table and firmly held in its beak the cloth that was being stitched.

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