Fire and Iron Weathervanes

Lucy and Adam have designed and made numerous weathervanes for private and public buildings. Clients include Walton Heath Golf Club, Blue Peter and the City of London Club. Lucy appeared on Blue Peter and ITV's Carlton Country talking about weathervanes, and her work has also been featured on the front cover of Country Life magazine.

They do not do any standard designs - each vane motif is unique and designed specially for its site. The process can be a very long one - see the notes on the ABOUT page re. commissioning work.

Before considering commissioning a special weathervane, please think carefully about location. A properly-built weathervane is an expensive purchase, but it will usually also require installation by a client's own choice of professional roofing company, who will usually need to erect scaffolding - the cost is often much higher than clients expect.

Simple weathervanes with a flat motif and fixing bracket specified by your builder or roofer cost from £1500 plus VAT. More complex vanes can cost many thousands of pounds.

Bearing the cost and timeframes involved, if you are still keen to commission a special weathervane please contact Lucy to discuss your project further.